Our Professional Staff at Audiology & Hearing Aid Services in the Wichita, KS area.

Our Professional Staff
¤ Dr. Haris Zafar, President of Audiology & Hearing Aid Services, Inc., has a Ph.D. in Audiology. His doctoral research investigated how individuals over the age of 65 years processed differences in timing and frequency of the speech signal. His design aimed at improving the performance and comfort of completely in the canal (CIC) hearing aids is being marketed and used on a national level.

In addition to the field of audiology, Dr. Zafar has an electrical engineering degree and a Master of Business Administration. He has served on the faculty at Newman University in Wichita, Kan., and at The Wichita State University where he was the Director of the Health Care Administration Program from 1986 to 1994. He serves on numerous boards and is active in Long-Term Care Administration Program Development and Legislation. Dr. Zafar is the immediate past President of the Kansas Hearing Society.
Staff Photo — Private Audiology Clinic in Wichita, KS
¤ Marcella Meeks is our administrator. She started the clinic with Dr. Zafar in 1994. Marcella has over 35 years of managerial experience in offices and clinics. She handles all administrative matters and is the person to talk with if you have any questions or problems concerning the clinic services provided.

¤ Irene K. Wagner, Au.D., is our Senior Clinical Audiologist and has been with Audiology and Hearing Aid Services, Inc. since October 2001. She has a Clinical Doctorate in Audiology from Salus University, completed in 2009. Dr. Wagner obtained her Master of Arts in Audiology as well as her Bachelor of Science from Kansas State University. Dr. Wagner enjoys serving patients varying in age from infancy to seniors and specializes in electrophysiological assessments. Dr. Wagner is currently serving as President of the Kansas Hearing Society.

¤ Front Desk — Chanda Little and Genavieve “Gen” Meyer are our front office staff. Chanda and Gen handle all scheduling, and they support important functions at our clinics. Chanda works primarily at our East clinic and Gen works primarily at our West clinic.

They answer the phones, schedule appointments, mail batteries and do whatever is necessary and needed; they are happy to help you. They are the frontline, and we would be lost without their help.